It's time to Get Started!

Get Started events cover off everything from information about your course, subjects, timetables and enrolment, through to campus and faculty orientation days. For new students, it's really important to attend the relevant orientation day. Here, you will learn what you need to know about your course, faculty, school and classes.

Whether it's your first year at UOW or you're a returning student, explore our range of events to help you get the best start in 2024.

Your Get Started checklist

  1. Enrol in your course and subjects

  2. Create your timetable and enrol in tutorials (or classes)

  3. Register for and attend your Orientation Day at:

  4. Organise your student ID card
  5. Get familiar with support services for when you need them

You can access the online Orientation Information by choosing it from the menu above or clicking the link.

Upcoming Events

If you would like to add any of the events below to your It's Go Time Schedule, please click on the button below and update your registration: