Settle into your new home

Hear from key residence staff including accommodation wellbeing coordinators, take a tour, and have lunch with your new community. Plus find out all the tips and tricks on making the most of your time in campus accommodation.

Your Live checklist

  1. Complete Consent Matters before you check into your residence. Log in to Moodle to complete this.
  2. Understand the residence rules we expect you to follow
  3. Attend the compulsory Orientation Day for your residence. Register for the Orientation event via the Accommodation Portal.
  4. Go to some of the weekly events at your residence.

Upcoming Events

If you would like to add any of the events below to your It's Go Time Schedule, please click on the button below and update your registration:

When it comes to consent, there's no room for grey area. You always need to check you have sexual consent. 

Consent Matters is an online module that covers sexual consent, communication in relationships, and bystander intervention. This course will help you understand what consent is and identify situations where it can’t be given.

You need to complete this compulsory course before you check into your residence.

Information to help you settle in

Arrival Information

Learn all about checking into your residence and plan ahead with what you’ll need to bring with you.

About your residence

Discover important information about your new home before you arrive.

Services to support you

As a UOW student, you have access to a suite of free services, resources and assistance designed to enhance your university experience, and your capacity to achieve your study and career objectives.