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Watch the videos below to help you complete your enrolment. If you still have questions after watching the below, join our Live Q&A Webinar to ask your question. We'll have a panel of UOW staff in the webinar ready to answer the questions about enrolling and starting at UOW. 

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Support Services at UOW

There are lots of free Support Services at UOW available and you'll find out more about these on your Orientation Day. 

There are two Support Services that you may need to know about before your Orientation Day dependent on your individual requirements. Additional information on these two services is below:   

Student Accessibility & Inclusion Team 

Student Accessibility and Inclusion is open to UOW students experiencing:​

  • Mental Health conditions ​

  • Vision impairment, hearing impairment and other sensory disabilities​

  • Medical conditions and chronic illness and pain​

  • Injuries and physical disabilities​

  • Learning disabilities​

  • Neurological disabilities and acquired brain injuries​

  • Temporary disabilities​

  • If you are the sole carer for a person with a disability 

Contact student-access@uow.edu.au for assistance or visit their website.

Student Housing Support Officer

If you're looking for accommodation or have questions about your current accommodation you can reach out to a UOW Student Housing Support Officer. They are available to help students navigate the private rental market.   

Contact housing-services@uow.edu.au for assistance. 

Still have questions? 

If you still have questions about your enrolment or starting at UOW after watching the above videos, please join our live Q&A Webinar. In this webinar we'll have a panel of UOW staff ready to answer your questions. 

Please note, if you require individual Academic Advice on which subjects to enrol in, you will need to attend an in-person Enrolment Support Event as this advice is unable to be provided in the live Q&A webinar.